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Castle Konopiste & typical Czech lunch in Klokocna village

Konopiste Castle was founded at the end of 13thcentury. The first touch to a medieval structure of the castle was made in the 15thcentury by George of Stenberk. Originally the medieval castle in French Gothic style was later rebuilt into a Baroque residence by the Vrtba family. Its current look is a result of the last renovation made by the most important and famous owner of the Konopiste Castle Archduke Franz Ferdinand d´Este. Franz Ferdinand was a successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne, who bought the castle in 1887. Before his assassination in 1914 that started World War I, Ferdinand d´Este lived in Konopiste with his wife and children. He gathered in castle a large collection of hunting trophies, weapons, antique furniture, paintings, tapestry and other art objects. This collection is today the main attraction of the castle, along with a pair of bears living in a castle moat and the baroque Rose Garden.

The typical Czech lunch will be served in the restaurant U Kone in the village Klokocna, whose owner Jaroslav Sapik is one of the best and most famous chefs in Czech Republic. His family has been devoted to this profession since 17thcentury. You will taste here the traditional Czech 3 course menu: Beef consommé with vegetables, beef and pasta; Roast pork with dumplings and Sauerkraut; Traditional Plum Ravioli served in a Plum Brandy glaze, coated in roasted Bread crumbs and Nuts.  


  • Hotel pick-up
  • Transport to Konopiste Castle
  • Visit of the Konopiste Castle and Garden
  • Transport to Prague


  • 4 hours

Price includes

  • Private Guide (EN, PT, RU,...your choice)
  • Private luxurious Limusine (Mercedes Bens E Class or similar)
  • Private professional Driver
  • Welcome drink and refreshment in the car (water, fruit, chocolate...)
  • Entrance to Castle Konopiste (8€/per person) 


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